Housing for All:

West Island Workshops

in 300 words or less

Housing for All: West Island Workshops will facilitate and empower the West Island community to create innovative affordable housing solutions that are suitable for the regional context. Residents and local stakeholders will share their knowledge of the current problems, which will stimulate brainstorming, and lead them to co-create solutions for more diverse housing opportunities. Thriving communities include a diversity of housing stock that responds to the needs of households with various incomes.

Housing for All is rooted in the foundations of the Design Thinking method. Unlike conventional ways of thinking, Design Thinking is a method of problem-solving that is non-linear yet structured, and encourages iterative loops of thinking geared toward action. This entails the following 5 steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Housing for All’s process is focused on the people and stakeholders confronted with the housing problem and those that can contribute to implementing solutions. The proposed course of action aims to come up with 3 to 5 solution prototypes as there is no single solution to address the challenges of affordable housing in the West Island.

Housing for All is part of the Collective Impact Project - Projet Impact Collectif (PIC) funded by Centraide of Greater Montreal. The PIC is facilitated by the West Island Community Resource Centre (CRC), in collaboration with the TQSOI as project leader. The project has been bringing West Island community partners together since 2016. The project consists of a two part, double spiral approach  - (1) learning to work together (2) by developing structured collective projects. The five-year project completed its third year as it transitioned its focus from Food Security to Housing in late 2019. This transition will create innovative and feasible solutions for affordable and community housing by bringing key local players together 



Team Leaders


Anne-Marie Angers-Trottier

Anne-Marie has a Bachelor’s degree in collective action (social work) from UQÀM and has dedicated her post-graduate studies to community development in suburban settings. She brings expertise in social & local development processes, mobilization and collective empowerment, collective impact, as well as a deep understanding of the West Island community. 


Alexandra Laham

Alex is committed to working and collaborating with the community to find housing solutions for the West Island. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environment from McGill University and a master’s in Urban Planning from Université de Montréal.




Alena is passionate about collaborative community development, which she believes is the most effective and efficient approach to improvement of the quality of life and poverty reduction. She holds a master’s degree in Social Work from McGill University.


Piotr Boruslawski

Piotr has been working in the West Island community sector since 2017 and has wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of housing and communications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Concordia University.