Housing &

Webinar Series

Over two weeks in November 2020, we hosted three online webinars on the topics of Housing & health, politics, and inequality. The Housing & webinars featured a diverse group of local experts who engaged on these topics and collectively shared their experiences and knowledge. Together, we explored the immeasurable impact that health, politics, and inequality have on housing.


Housing & Health


Housing is one of the best-researched social determinants of health. Affordable housing interventions for low-income people have been found to improve health outcomes and decrease health care costs. The availability of high-quality affordable homes enables residents to spend a greater share of household income on nutritious food, healthcare expenditures, and other essentials that promote good health. Providing families with access to high quality affordable homes in safe neighborhoods can generate important psychological and mental health benefits. Why is the connection between housing and health often missed?



  1. How are housing and health connected?​​

  2. Why are health connections often missed in conversations about housing?​​

  3. Who is the most vulnerable when a housing crisis becomes a health crisis?​​

  4. In your experience what aspects of health are most affected by where and how patients live?

  5. What would you consider healthy housing?

Housing & Politics


For decades, advocates and politicians have debated how to offer better outcomes for affordable housing on a municipal, provincial and national agenda. Data has shown that the public sees affordability as a major problem on par with health care and unemployment, but there seems to be a disconnect between affordability for both owners and renters in the West Island.What policies or strategies can be put in place to increase the availability of affordable housing in the West Island?



  1. What updates can you tell us about the CMHC and the Quebec government’s agreement concerning funds from the National Housing Strategy?

  2. What incentives have local governments provided to help boost affordable housing in the area?

  3. What impact does the construction of the Réseau Express Metropolitain (REM) light rail stations have on housing and affordability in the West Island?

  4. Housing is a headline every week in Montreal. How do you see the housing crisis evolving in 20 or 30 years?

Housing & Inequality


Housing inequality is both a cause and an effect of inequality itself. Disparities in housing are directly related to racial, social and income inequality. Across the West Island, housing tenures and location vary greatly, how are these connected to inequality?



  1. What does housing inequality mean to you?

  2. Has the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affected people of colour or certain sectors of the West Island? How and why

  3. How has heightened housing inequality been experienced within the LGBTQ2+ community?

  4. What aspects of life diminish when housing becomes too unaffordable?

  5. How can affordable housing help provide opportunities to balance out inequalities?