• Piotr Boruslawski

Globe and Mail editorial board spotlights failure to resolve housing crisis

“Something has gone seriously wrong with Canada’s housing market. This year’s price surge is the result of years of decisions and indecision, from politicians at all levels, municipal included. The building of housing in Canada is too restricted in too many neighbourhoods, with zoning effectively designed to freeze the number and size of existing buildings, thereby preventing the addition of more homes. Meanwhile, at the provincial and federal levels, governments for years largely ignored housing.

If too many people can’t afford to live in the country’s big cities, where the economy’s energy is greatest, that will hurt Canada’s prospects. It would also be something of a betrayal of this country’s young people. Generations of middle-class Canadians, through concerted savings and hard work, were able to buy a place to live. That equation is threatened.” Read more...

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