• Piotr Boruslawski

New unaffordable housing protest billboards in Canadian cities cause a stir

Online advocates have taken it upon themselves to let everyone know that solutions to this problem do exist, and that young Canadians can help bring them to fruition by banding together. Canadahousingcrisis.com, the homepage of a new, youth-focused affordable housing campaign that started as a Reddit sub but has since transformed into a multi-platform community of thousands. Among the measures the group would like to see from policymakers are: 1) Double the minimum down payment for investment properties; 2) Ensure data on homes, sales, listings and bids are free and public; 3) Make the bidding process transparent; 4) Increase capital gains taxes for investors and speculators; and 5) Introduce new taxes on vacancies and short-term rentals. Inspired by r/wallstreetbets, these advocates want to pull potential allies off the sidelines, get them engaged and rattle the status quo. Read more...

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